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Name: Kim
Previously Stamped As: Bird, Lion, Coyote, Griffin, Border Collie, Dog, Parasaurolophus, Cooper's Hawk, Sarabi, Bagheera, Marwari, Raksha, Trusty, Norwegian Forest Cat, Prancer, Donder, Arctic Wolf, Mammal, Welsh Springer Spaniel, Jenna, Balto, Border Collie, Coydog/Dogote, Sparrow, Black Horse, Perching Birds
Positive characteristics: intelligent, loyal, accepting, true, merry, imaginative, listening, idealistic
Negative characteristics: critical, impatient, afraid, shy
Neutral characteristics: geeky, poised, bookish, quiet, mature
Would you like [ ] one or [x] two stamps?

This or That

Aggressive/Passive: passive
Secretive/Bold: in between: I'm very frank and open, but I don't really like to draw attention to myself
Focused/Silly: focused, but I do like to play
Friendly/Aloof: aloof with strangers, but friendly and affectionate with my loved ones
Famous/Unknown: a little famous, perhaps
Leader/Follower: leader
Graceful/Clumsy: graceful
Land/Sea: land
Large/Medium/Small: I'm average-sized, myself, but I don't have a preference for my Native American animal
Quick/Strong: quick
Mental/Emotional/Physical: mental/emotional: I'm very much balanced between the two
Bird/Insect/Mammal/Reptile/Fish/Don't Care: don't care

About You

Check which groups of word fit you the best. No more than six please.
[ ] journey, messenger, travel
[ ] deception, trickery, secrets, mystery
[ ] individuality, unique, crafty
[ ] tenderness, peace, kindness
[ ] adaptive, resourceful, agile, tenacious
[x] growth, rebirth, maturity
[x] clear-sighted, memory, keen
[ ] origin, patriotism, tradition
[ ] open-minded, sharing, generous
[x] devotion, marriage, fealty
[ ] purity, beauty, brilliance
[ ] busy, work, balance, stability
[x] ethereal, guardian, knowledge
[ ] wealth, fertile, stubborn, courage
[x] noble, royal, regal
[ ] luck, health, loyalty

What could you use right now? No more than five please
[ ] answers/news
[ ] calm/beauty
[ ] change
[x] friendship/connection
[x] guide/guardian
[ ] health/renewal
[ ] journey
[ ] knowledge/good memory
[ ] luck
[ ] purpose
[x] spiritual renewal
[ ] stability
[x] strength/fortitude
[ ] wealth


Would your animal be a guide or a symbol of your personality or something else? I think it would act as a guide, reminding me of the things I cherish most---my loved ones, my dreams, my faith---but also encouraging me to be strong in the face of my struggles---to welcome change, to find joy in dark times, to stand firm when fear threatens to overwhelm me. Ha. I never really thought about it, but basically, my animal would be a lot like my dad.

What is your strongest positive trait? The word "true" shows up a lot when I list positive adjectives that describe me, and I'd say it's probably my most prevalent positive trait. To me, that encompasses the core of my character: honesty, loyalty, faith, honor, a constant drive to act and think and speak in accordance with my Self, not what outer influences might be pushing or pulling me to do or think or say.

What are your main goals in life? I'd love to be a published fantasy novelist, and someday I'd love to be married and have kids.

Optional: What is your birthdate (month and day only)? August 14

Optional: What is your Western Zodiac symbol and which trait fits you best?
Tropical Western Zodiac: Leo - loyalty/faithfulness
Sidereal Western Zodiac: Cancer - nurturing/protective

Are there any animals that do not fit you at all? No more than three. Alligator, Moose, Rabbit

Anything Else?

Please vote on all unstamped applications. Check here [x] when you have finished before posting your application.
[Voters, the list of available stamps is here]
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