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Stamped as Bird // Longhaired Cats Theme


Name: Lucy
Previously Stamped As:
Regular: Bird
Big Cat Theme: Leopard
Wild Dog Theme: Arctic Wolf
Vertebrate Theme: Bird
Animated Disney Dogs Theme: Perdita & Trusty
Mythological Creatures I: Centaur
Eastern Zodiac Theme: Snake
Animated Disney Cats Theme: Sarabi & Rufus
Herding Dog Theme: Australian Cattle Dog
Dinosaur Theme: Brachiosaurus
Hybrid Theme: Zony

Age: 20s
Location: US
Positive characteristics: Intelligent, determined, kind, compassionate, logical, responsible, cheerful, helpful
Negative characteristics: Stubborn, timid, vengeful, spacey
Neutral characteristics: Quiet, eccentric

This or That

Aggressive/Passive: Passive, usually, unless you manage to really tick me off.
Loud/Quiet: Quiet
Rare/Popular: Rare
Big/Small: Medium ( in real life, I don't have a very big frame, but am slightly taller than average.
Low/Medium/High Energy: Medium
Less/More/Most Grooming: More grooming (I have rather long hair in real life).
Cuddly/Standoffish: Cuddly, though I can come across as standoffish.
Outgoing/Shy: A bit on the shy side.
Playful/Lazy: Playful
Acrobatic/Unathletic: Unathletic
Gentle/Feisty: Gentle, with feisty moments.
Calm/Spastic: Calm


What color(s) would you like to be? Doesn't matter to me :)
What's one thing you'd be specially known for? My curiosity
Do you get along well with children? Sure, as long as they are good to me.
Do you get along well with other pets, including other cats or dogs? Yes
Do you care if your tail is docked, naturally short, or long? Long
How would you describe your body shape?
[x] Oriental - Sleek, long and lanky with exaggerated ears, legs, and tails.
[x] Foreign – Athletic, long legs, slim, large ears, oval-shaped eyes.
[ ] Semi-Foreign – Similar to foreign, but thicker, medium-boned.
[ ] Semi-Cobby – More rounded, stocky.
[ ] Cobby – Short and compact, broad shoulders, round head.
[ ] Substantial – large cats that aren’t rounded or stocky.


Pick a couple of countries that you would be willing to be from.
[ ] Burma
[ ] Iran
[ ] Isle of Man, U.K.
[x] Norway
[x] Russia
[ ] Turkey
[x] United Kingdom
[x] United States

Would you be an indoor or outdoor cat? Indoor
Would you be bred mostly for show, for wealthy people, or for families? Families
What would be your favorite place to relax or play? On a bookcase

Anything Else?

Which one cat do you feel is absolutely nothing like you? None. Go for it :)
Please vote on all unstamped applications. Check here [x] when you have finished before posting your application.

[Voters, the list of available stamps is here]
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