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Theme # 7 : Animated Disney Cats

A little bit early, but  I don't think anyone will mind. Our 7th theme is cats from animated Disney movies! Please vote on everyone who needs votes! If I missed any major cats, please let me know! Also, please tag your app with [animated disney cats] and !needs votes so that your app doesn't get lost! Have fun!



Figaro - Male - Tuxedo Kitten
Figaro is Geppetto's tuxedo cat who does not like his goldfish, Cleo, until the end of the movie when Pinocchio becomes a real boy.

Gideon - Male - Anthropomorphic Cat
Gideon is the punch-drunk, dim-witted mute cat sidekick of J. Worthington Foulfellow the fox. Unlike his buddy Gideon is very dimwitted and foolish. Honest John likes to be calm and persuasive in order to trick someone unlike Giddy who would just perform a hit and run crime.

Lucifer - Male - Black Persian
Lucifer is the devilish pet cat of Lady Tremaine from Disney's 1950 hit Cinderella. He has black fur and is portrayed as a sneaky, devilish, and cheating mouse consumer. Unlike many Disney villain henchman Lucifer is clever, cunning and not at all foolish, contrary to his mistress and her daughters. Lucifer is also clumsy and can be tricked but can get back on track very quickly. Lucifer is also treated like a prince to Lady Tremaine. She cares for him deeply and acts as a mother figure to him. Lucifer may be loved by Lady Tremaine more than anyone else.

Alice in Wonderland
Dinah - Female - Red Kitten
Dinah is Alice's small red kitten who does not accompany her to Wonderland, but stays behind to watch over Alice while she sleeps.

Cheshire Cat
Cheshire Cat - Male - Magical Pink and Purple Cat
The Cheshire Cat is a mysterious pink and purple cat with a devious, mischievous personality. He has a permanent smile on his face and can disappear at will. Alice encounters him in the woods and ask for directions back home so he directs her to the Mad Hatter and the March Hare, warning her that everybody in Wonderland is mad. Later, he gets Alice in trouble with the Queen by blaming Alice for his mischief.

Lady and the Tramp
Si and Am
Si and Am - Female? (voiced by females) - Siamese Cats
Aunt Sarah's two bad Siamese cats Si and Am are the main villains. They are sneaky and destructive as they wreck the house and then blame Lady.

One Hundred and One Dalmatians
Sergeant Tibbs
Sergeant Tibbs - Male - Barn Cat
Sergeant Tibbs live on the farm next door to The de Vil Place (Hell Hall). He is sent by the Colonel (a sheepdog) to spy after hearing about the missing puppies fromt the Twilight Bark. Later, Sgt. Tibbs is instrumental in their escape at his own risk.

The Jungle Book
Bagheera - Male - Panther (Leopard)
Bagheera the panther is a main character in the The Jungle Book. Bagheera starts off as the narrator, explaining how Mowgli came to live in the jungle. Bagheera cares deeply for Mowgli and his safety, though he doesn't openly show it. This concern leads Bagheera to take Mowgli to the man-village, where the boy would be safe from Shere Khan. Bagheera serves as a foil to Baloo. Whereas Baloo is more laid back and fun loving, Bagheera is more responsible and serious.

Shere Khan
Shere Khan - Male - Tiger
Shere Khan is the main antagonist of The Jungle Book. A powerful, suave tiger, Shere Khan has nothing but disdain for his victims. His reputation is such that he need only show himself to intimidate the inhabitants of the jungle. He is civilized, sophisticate and proper. His only fear is fire, which the man-cub Mowgli uses to his advantage in the film's climactic battle.

The Aristocats

Duchess - Female - Turkish Angora (?)
Duchess is a character in The Aristocats. She is the mother of Marie, Berlioz, and Toulouse. She serves as the female protagonist of the film. Duchess is caring, protective, and happy with her children. After she and her family is kidnapped, they must find their way back to their owner. Along the way, they meet many creatures, one of whom is Thomas O'Malley. Duchess falls in love with him and must decided between staying with him or returning to civilized life.

Toulouse - Male - Orange Kitten
Toulouse wishes to meet tough alley cats, and often tries to appear tough. He is known for puffing up and attempting to hiss when trying to show how tough he is. Toulouse is fairly laid-back and easy-going otherwise. He aspires to be a painter and practices his painting daily.

Marie - Female - White Kitten
Though Marie is kind, she can also be somewhat prissy. She is also prone to tattling on her brothers. Marie thinks of herself as a lady, despite her brothers' protests and tries to act ladylike. She seems to be somewhat danger-prone.

Berlioz - Male - Black Kitten
Berlioz is the youngest of the kittens and is somewhat timid and shy. He enjoys playing the piano.

Thomas O'Malley
Abraham de Lacy Giuseppe Casey Thomas O'Malley - Male - Alley Cat
Thomas O' Malley is a friendly alley cat who finds Duchess and her kittens stranded in the woods and befriends them, becoming a father figure to the kittens. He is the main male character in the film. In the film Thomas appears after Edgar kidnaps and gets rid of the cats. He is instantly attracted to Duchess because of her appearance, but is put off when he learns she has children. However he soon realizes that he is being a jerk, and helps her and the kittens get back to Paris safely. During their return to Paris, he becomes attracted to Duchess once again, becoming fond of her children as well as her.

Scat Cat
Scat Cat and His Band - Male - Various Breeds
Jazz-playing, fun-loving, and kind, Scat Cat and his band are friends of O'Malley that take in Duchess and her kittens and show them a good time. Scat Cat (black) is the leader and plays the trumpet. Shun Gon (Chinese) plays the piano and drums. Hit Cat (English) plays the acoustic guitar. Peppo (Italian) plays the accordion. Billy Boss (Russian) plays the cello.

Robin Hood

Prince John
Prince John - Male - Lion
Prince John is a lion who is the main antagonist of Robin Hood. He is a coward and a crybaby, who after his brother King Richard is tricked into going a crusade, he assumes the crown and becomes somewhat a dictator, leaving his subjects in poverty. He also has a very bad habit of sucking his thumb intensely at the most inappropriate times, making him appear childish and immature. He is greedy and loves money more than anything else in the world, and continually finds ways to rob and swindle his people in the pursuit of wealth. It should be noted that maneless male lions are also found in the wild.

King Richard
King Richard - Male - Lion
King Richard was the older brother and, according to Prince John, was favored by their mother. In contrast to Prince John, Richard is shown to be much stronger looking, and he sports a full mane. He is seen as an ideal king, kind and considerate of his subjects. He apparently has family other than John, as Maid Marian is said to be his niece. Sometime before the events of the film, Richard ruled England as King. He was hypnotized by Sir Hiss, the henchman of Prince John, to go off on the Crusades. In his absence, Prince John usurped the throne, and became known for his harsh, dictatorial rule. Though King Richard is not seen for most of the film, he is alluded to. It is noted by many that the crown that Prince John wears belongs to King Richard, as it does not fit Prince John's head well. The very name of Richard is enough to cause Prince John to throw a tantrum. Later, when facing death, Robin Hood cheers on Richard's name, noting that the crown is rightfully his, and not Prince John's. King Richard returns to England to set everything right at the end of the film, much to the relief of the people of Nottingham.

The Rescuers
Rufus - Male - Brown Cat
Rufus is the elderly cat who resides at Morningside Orphanage and comforts Penny when she is sad. Although his time onscreen is rather brief, he provides the film's most important theme, faith. He also met Bernard and Miss Bianca and gave them the information of the whereabouts of Penny.

The Great Mouse Detective
Felicia - Female - Fat, Grey Cat
Felicia is Ratigan's fat spoiled pet cat whom he keeps happy by feeding her henchmen that make him angry and hostages. She is hungry, foolish, and spoiled.

Oliver & Company
Oliver - Male - Orange Kitten
Oliver is a homeless kitten who joins a gang of dogs to survive on the 1980s New York City streets. After his is misplaced in a car, he is adopted by a rich, young girl named Jenny. The dogs "rescue" Oliver, who feels torn between them and the little girl. They end up ransoming Oliver and almost kidnapping Jenny, but it turns out okay.

Rajah - Male - Tiger
Rajah is Princess Jasmine's pet tiger. He clearly loves her very much and is very protective of her. He is brave, stubborn, and a bit spoiled, but he has a good heart.

Lion King
Mufasa - Male - Lion
Mufasa is the king of The Pridelands at the start of The Lion King, he is the father of Simba, and the older brother of Scar. Mufasa is a very wise and noble king. Although he carries himself with the grace and nobility expected of a king, he is shown to have a healthy sense of humor. Mufasa is fiercely protective of his pride, especially Simba, as is shown in both his fury when he saves his son and Nala from the hyenas and in his willingness to die so that his son might survive the wildebeest stampede orchestrated by Scar. He appears not to have noticed the depth of Scar's treachery until the latter murders him in cold blood, though this may simply be because he is unwilling to see such darkness within one of his own family members.

Sarabi - Female - Lioness
Sarabi is Mufasa's mate, and Simba's mother. She appears as the caring mother of Simba and mate of Mufasa. As queen of Pride Rock, she is shown to be in charge of the lionesses and their hunting parties. She is depicted as being wise, courageous, and caring.

Scar - Male - Lion
Scar is Mufasa's brother, and is the primary antagonist in The Lion King. Scar is highly intelligent and charismatic, able to rally the hyenas to his cause and gain fanatical loyalty from Zira and her pride of lionesses. Scar is a Machiavellian individual who is mainly concerned with gaining power and will kill anyone he sees as competition. Despite his ruthless nature he is a somewhat cowardly individual, more likely to run away from violence than confront it. When pressed though, he is portrayed as a fierce fighter who holds his own against and almost defeats Simba at the movie's climax.

Sarafina - Female - Lioness
Sarafina is the mother of Nala and a friend of Sarabi and the grandmother of Kiara and Simba's mother in law. She has only a small part, but she is shown to be a loving mother to Nala and a strong supporter of Sarabi, willing to fight alongside her friend.

Simba - Male - Lion
As a cub, Simba was playful and always ready for an adventure with his best friend Nala. He saw the good in everyone, even his evil uncle, Scar. At times he can be a show-off, and thinks he will be the best king ever. Therefore, he is occasionally overconfident and often got himself into danger. In spite of this, he comes to see the fault in his actions and acts upon the lessons he's learned. As an adult, Simba was still fun-loving and optimistic, but ashamed of those actions he believed were his fault as a cub. After reuniting with Nala, Simba becomes even more courageous and is determined to protect his family and kingdom, regardless of the cost. Unfortunately, later in life, this defensiveness causes him to become occasionally overprotective and even arrogant to others, even his family. However, he eventually comes to see the light and is successful in saving his pride. Simba is marked by his strong sense of justice.

Nala - Female - Lioness
Nala is the daughter of Sarafina. She is the mate of Simba and the mother of Kiara. As a cub, she was very playful and friendly. She was best friends with Simba, but was prone to playfully teasing him. By the time she was a young adult, she had grown courageous enough to seek help for her pride, who was suffering under Scar's reign. She was shown to be a fierce fighter. By the time of the second movie, Nala has become much more mild-mannered and motherly.

Lion King II: Simba's Pride
Kiara - Female - Lioness
Kiara is Simba and Nala's daughter. Kiara inherited her parents curiosity, and has gotten into trouble for wandering off. She is kind and playful, but also very headstrong, and she possesses a strong desire for independence. Due to her independent spirit, her relationship with her overprotective father Simba is strained at times. As a cub, Kiara is fairly naive, and she initially fails to completely understand her father's lessons. However, as an adult, she is learns the meaning behind the words and is able to apply what Simba has taught her to help bring peace between the two feuding prides.

Zira - Female - Lioness
Zira is the main antagonist in The Lion King II: Simba's Pride. She's extremely loyal to Scar through the film. She bore three cubs with an unknown lion: Nuka, Vitani, and Kovu. Zira mentions that Kovu was the last born before they were exiled, but his father's identity is unknown. It is speculated that Nuka and Vitani's father was Scar. Like Scar, she is bitter to the point of murder, though acts through her son, Kovu. All her hopes are placed in rearing Kovu as Scar's replica, caring little for his or her other children's welfare if it gets in the way of her plans to retake Pride Rock. In the end she is the only one left standing in her meaningless alliance to Scar and tries to kill Simba in front of everyone. She dies without redemption or regret except for herself and Scar. However despite her predominately evil traits and her harshness to her own children, she still treated them with some affection. When Nuka was in his dying breaths she soothed him and showed genuine grief once he died.

Kovu - Male - Lion
Kovu is Scar's adopted heir. Kovu is noted by many to bear a strong resemblance to Scar, especially after his face is scarred, despite not being related to Scar. However, he appears much more muscular and healthy looking than Scar, and is a bit darker in coloring. As a cub, he is shown to be very innocent and friendly, though he does take a moment to playfully tease Kiara when they first meet. As an adult, he has been trained by Zira to hate Simba and the rest of his pride. However, this changes as he falls in love with Kiara, where he grows reluctant to carry out Zira's plan, and becomes more friendly and caring. As a result of Zira's training, he initially has no concept of having fun, but slowly learns.

Nuka - Male - Lion
Nuka is Zira's oldest son. Nuka is extremely mangy, and is apparently infested with termites (partly due to living in a termite mound). Nuka has dark brown fur and a black mane, and keeps his front claws unsheathed, a trait seen in all the Outsiders. Judging from the thickness of his mane in his first appearance, he would be about a year and a half old. Despite being older than Kovu, his mane does not grow in as thickly - a trait seen in real lions, where stronger lions usually have thicker, fuller manes. Nuka is shown to be cowardly, and somewhat stupid. However, Nuka has an inflated opinion of himself, as he claims to be the strongest and the smartest. Because he is neglected by Zira in favor of Kovu, Nuka is shown to have a strong dislike and envy of his younger brother. Nuka also desires to please Zira, in order to get her attention, which eventually leads to his downfall.

Vitani - Female - Lioness
Vitani is the daughter of Zira, and the sister of Nuka and Kovu. Vitani, up until the final act of the movie, remains loyal to her mother, and often acts as a spy; scouts out in the Pride Lands, or watches over Kovu when he is on his "mission". It is only at the final act where she betrays her mother and decides to stop fighting, in which her mother threatens to kill her. She is shown to be very loyal to whomever stands on her side.

A Goofy Movie
Pete - Male - Anthropomorphic Cat
In older shows, Pete was more of a villian. However, in A Goofy Movie, Pete is Goofy's neighbor, only this time he's more friendly towards Goofy. Pete often gives Goofy advice on how to raise his son with discipline, telling him that he should keep Max under his thumb. In the film Pete is still considered the villain being that he resents the fact that Goofy and Max have a great father/son relationship despite Goofy ignoring his advice.

P.J. - Male - Anthropomorphic Cat
P.J. is Max's best friend. He's a good guy, though downtrodden from his father's strictness.

Sabor - Female (?) - Leopard
Sabor is the leopard that kills Tarzan's parents and Kala and Kerchak's gorilla baby and is later killed by Tarzan in turn. Sabor is very cunning and fearless.

Treasure Planet
Captain Amelia
Captain Amelia - Female - Anthropomorphic Cat
Captain Amelia is the lead female in Disney's Treasure Planet, and unusually for such a major and attractive female role, her role is almost totally exempt from being anybody's romantic interest except in very small doses. Captain Amelia is the experienced captain of the R L S Legacy, the ship Doctor Delbert Doppler hired to journey to Treasure Planet. She is an alien who appears to be some sort of hybrid of cat and woman. She is inhumanly slim, with green, feline eyes, claws that protrude through her gloves and exceedingly feline facial features, and can be considered attractive by human standards. She also possesses inhuman agility, a quick wit fueled by irony, and a British accent. At first she finds Dr. Doppler to be rather stupid but later befriends and even falls in love with him. Said to be the finest captain in "this or any other port", she is extremely intelligent and independent, intolerant of failure, rudeness, or incompetence of any kind.

Mittens - Female - Tuxedo Cat
Mittens is a street-cat who Bolt at first believed was a agent of Dr. Calico, but later they became friends. She is pessimistic and has a wry sense of humor. She is a thief and a survivor. She isn't interested in friendship, but she is eventually moved by Bolt's loyalty.
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