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Stamped as Turtle//North American Birds of Prey Theme


Name: Rue
Previously Stamped As:
Regular: Turtle
Eastern Zodiac: Rabbit
Age: 18
Location: Singapore
Positive characteristics: Easy to please, Imaginative, Inquisitive, Responsible, Thoughtful
Negative characteristics: Bad-tempered, Inflexible, Shy, Timid, Worries excessively
Neutral characteristics: Childish, Girlish

This or That

Aggressive/Passive: Aggressive
Secretive/Bold: Secretive
Alone/Pair/Group: Alone
Loud/Quiet: Quiet
Rare/Common: Rare
Stubborn/Adaptive: Stubborn
Fight/Flight: Flight
Patient/Impatient: Impatient
Big/Medium/Small: Medium
Fast/Slow: Slow
Solid/Multi-Colored: Multi-colored
Nocturnal/Diurnal: Nocturnal
Endangered/Widespread: Endangered


How do you get along with humans?
Humans? I hope to stay as far away from them as possible.
What color(s) would you like to be?
I'm fine with any color. 
What's one thing you'd be specially known for?
I'd be specially known for my temper.
How do you get along with other birds?
I'm afraid of some birds, but some birds are afraid of me too.
How would you hunt?
I usually feed on carrion, but I sometimes use my talons to snatch up my prey.
Describe your wings.
My wings are long and narrow.
What would you be willing to eat?
[ ] birds
[X] carrion
[ ] fish
[X] insects
[ ] larger mammals
[X] reptiles
[ ] small mammals


Pick a location or two: Canada, west U.S., east U.S., Mexico, Central America, South America
Canada, South America
Is your habitat shrinking/changing or are you able to adapt?
My habitat in the wild has been shrinking, and I doubt that I can adapt well. Well, I don't mind spending the rest of my life in the zoo.
Where would you nest?
[ ] abandoned nests
[X] nest you built
[ ] nest you stole
[ ] somewhere people build for you
[ ] tree hollow
[ ] underground

Where would you be willing to live? Choose up to four.
[ ] city
[ ] desert
[X] forest
[ ] lakes, rivers
[X] meadows
[ ] mountains
[ ] ocean
[ ] prairie
[X] rainforest
[ ] suburbs
[ ] tundra
[X] woods

Anything Else?

Which bird of prey do you feel is absolutely nothing like you?
Please vote on all unstamped applications. Check here [X] when you have finished before posting your application.

[Voters, the list of available stamps is here]

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