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Stamped as Bear | Mythological creatures Theme


Name: Nic

Positive characteristics: kind, loyal, caring, creative, a day dreamer, understanding, supportive, funny
Negative characteristics: stuuborn, agressive, lazy, worrier, forgetful, shy
Neutral characteristics: kind, motherly

Stamped as:
Regular: Bear
Big Cat: Chettah
Wild Dog: Short Eared Dog
Verbate: Mamamal
Disney Dogs: Rita & Lafayette
Disney Cats: Kiara & Rajah
Eastern Zodiac: Rabbit
Herding Dogs: Norwegian Buhund
North American Birds of Prey: Osprey
Warm Blooded Horse: Hispano
Reindeer: Vixen

This or That

This, that, or somewhere in between?
Aggressive or Passive: Aggressive
Loud or Quiet: Loud
Flamboyant or Secretive: Secrective
Warm-blooded or Cold-blooded: Warm-Blooded
Flee or Fight: fight
Travel or Stay: Travel
Hard-working or Lazy: Hardworking
Trickster or Benevolent: Benevolent
Changing or Consistent: Changing
Dangerous or Harmless: Dangerous!!!


Do you live a solitary life or in a family group? I life in a family group, as I have strong family values
How well do you get along with humans? not that well, basically when I want to get to know them I do when not I don't
Would you prefer fur, scales, feathers, or a shell? Fur
How would you protect yourself? Claws and big teeth
What physical ability makes you unique? Small and undetechable


Arrange these elements from favorite to least favorite. air, water, land, fire
What area would you be willing to live on? Choose up to three.
[x] Africa
[x] Europe
[] Greece
[] India
[] Middle East
[] North America
[x] South America
[] ocean
[] celestial
[] anywhere

Where would you be willing to live? Choose up to five.
[] cave
[] desert
[x] forest
[] highlands
[] hills
[x] jungle
[] meadows
[] mountains
[] ocean
[] plains
[] ponds
[x] rainforest
[] rivers
[] swamp
[x] tropical island
[] tundra
[] with people

Which elements appeal to you? Choose up to three.
[] air and wind
[] darkness and night
[x] earth
[] fire
[x] light and rainbow
[] ice and winter
[] metal
[] thunder and lightning
[] water

Which words might describe you?
[x] half-human
[] half-something, half-something else
[] changeling
[] cursed
[] trickster
[] ancient
[x] modern
[] powerful
[x] innocent
[x] secretive
[] untamable
[] tragic
[] wise
[] fable
[] tall tale
[] fairytale
[] horror story

Anything Else?

Which one creature do you feel is absolutely nothing like you? not sure
For this theme, do you care if you get stamped as 2 creatures? what ever the votes point towards is fine
[x] I have voted (or will as soon as I post this) all unstamped applications!
[Voters, the list of available stamps is here]
Tags: [mythological creatures i], theme: mythological: bigfoot

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