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Stamped as Bear | Hybrid Theme


Name: Nic
Age: 23
Location: UK
Previously Stamped as:
Regular: Bear
Big Cat: Chettah
Wild Dog: Short Eared Dog
Verbate: Mamamal
Disney Dogs: Rita & Lafayette
Disney Cats: Kiara & Rajah
Eastern Zodiac: Rabbit
Herding Dogs: Norwegian Buhund
North American Birds of Prey: Osprey
Warm Blooded Horse: Hispano
Reindeer: Vixen

Positive characteristics: kind, loyal, caring, creative, a day dreamer, understanding, supportive, funny
Negative characteristics: stuuborn, agressive, lazy, worrier, forgetful, shy
Neutral characteristics: kind, motherly

This or That

Aggressive or Passive: Aggressive
Loud or Quiet: Quiet
Flamboyant or Secretive: Serective
Carnivore, Omnivore, or Herbivore: Omnivore
Cuddly, Standoffish, or Dangerous: Standoffish
High, Medium, or Low Energy: Meduim Engergy
Flee or Fight: Fight
Travel or Stay: Travel
Hard-working or Lazy: Hard-working
Small, Medium, Large: Small
Land, Air, or Water: Land


Please pick only 1 answer for the following questions.
How did you come to be?
[x] I was a freak accident in the wild!
[] Silly humans thought mom & dad couldn't breed, but they could!
[] I was bred for a specific use. I was planned!

How rare are you?
[x] Extremely rare! I'm literally the only one!
[] Pretty rare; we usually don't survive :(
[] People aren't sure, there are others like me in the wild, but it's unknown how many.
[] I'm just starting out, but once I get popular, I'll have a lot of friends like me!
[] Actually, I'm not rare! I've been around for a while and there are lots of us.

Which of your parents do you take after?
[] I definitely look more like one of them.
[] Both, some traits look exactly like my dad and some exactly like my mom.
[x] I'm kinda in the middle of both my parents. (For example, my dad's big, my mom's small, and I'm in the middle!)
[] Honestly, I don't look like either of them!

Can you have your own young?
[] I don't know - I've never been given the chance.
[] Nope!
[] Humans thought I couldn't, but there have been rare cases.
[x] Sure, and I can make some crazy hybrid-mixes.

What is your personality compared to your parents?
You may pick multiple answers for this question.
[] healthier
[] more aggressive
[x] less aggressive
[] more useful
[x] more beautiful
[x] more colorful
[] sterile
[] fertile
[] larger
[] smaller
[] more comfortable with humans
[x] less comfortable with humans
[x] smarter, more intelligent
[] enjoy swimming more
[] better worker


Would it bother you to be around a lot of humans? Depends what mood I'm in where I would like human company
Do you mind working for a living or would rather be free or a pet? No I'm wild so working is not an option, so free would suit me
Where would you like to live?
[x] Africa
[] Arctic
[] circus
[] desert
[] family home
[] farm
[x] forest
[] Hawaii
[] ocean
[] prairie
[] trail
[x] wildlife preserve
[] zoo

Anything Else?

Which one hybrid do you feel is absolutely nothing like you? not sure
Please vote on all unstamped applications. Check here [x] when you have done so before posting your application.

[Voters, the list of available stamps is here]
Tags: [hybrid theme], theme: hybrid: coywolf

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