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Stamped as a Horse | Native American Animal Symbolism

Name: Whitney
horse [regular]
cougar [wild cat]
grey wolf [wild dog]
reptile [vertebrate]
Dixie & Dug [animated Disney dogs]
centaur [mythological i]
dog [eastern zodiac]
Nala & Simba [animated Disney cats]
German shepherd [herding dog]
iguanodon [dinosaur]
zony [hybrid]
Maine Coon [longhair cat]
American Kestrel [NA bird of prey]
Arabian [hot-blooded horse]
Charlie & Flo [animated movie dogs]
Irish Setter [sporting dog]
Dasher [reindeer]
ermine [Arctic]
wild horse [Patronus]
white horse & eagle [Celtic]
perching birds [bird family]

Positive characteristics: creative, clever, cheerful, funny, hardworking
Negative characteristics: shy, critical, spazzy, secretive
Neutral characteristics: independent, stubborn, tough
Would you like [ ] one or [✘] two stamps?

This or That

Aggressive/Passive: In between
Secretive/Bold: Secretive
Focused/Silly: Both
Friendly/Aloof: More aloof, until I get to know you
Famous/Unknown: Either
Leader/Follower: Leader
Graceful/Clumsy: Both
Land/Sea: Land
Large/Medium/Small: Large or Medium
Quick/Strong: Quick
Mental/Emotional/Physical: Mental and Physical
Bird/Insect/Mammal/Reptile/Fish/Don't Care: Mammal or bird or don't care ;)

About You

Check which groups of word fit you the best. No more than six please.
[ ] journey, messenger, travel
[ ] deception, trickery, secrets, mystery
[✘] individuality, unique, crafty
[ ] tenderness, peace, kindness
[✘] adaptive, resourceful, agile, tenacious
[ ] growth, rebirth, maturity
[✘] clear-sighted, memory, keen
[ ] origin, patriotism, tradition
[ ] open-minded, sharing, generous
[ ] devotion, marriage, fealty
[ ] purity, beauty, brilliance
[✘] busy, work, balance, stability
[ ] ethereal, guardian, knowledge
[ ] wealth, fertile, stubborn, courage
[ ] noble, royal, regal
[✘] luck, health, loyalty

What could you use right now? No more than five please.
[✘] answers/news
[ ] calm/beauty
[✘] change
[✘] friendship/connection
[ ] guide/guardian
[ ] health/renewal
[ ] journey
[ ] knowledge/good memory
[ ] luck
[✘] purpose
[ ] spiritual renewal
[ ] stability
[✘] strength/fortitude
[ ] wealth


Would your animal be a guide or a symbol of your personality or something else? It might be a mix - a guide who also shares some of my traits, but who can help me see where I need improvement
What is your strongest positive trait? My independence
What are your main goals in life? To travel, to help people, to learn and grow
Optional: What is your birthdate (month and day only)? 10/27
Optional: What is your Western Zodiac symbol and which trait fits you best? well, with the new change - I was originally a Scorpio ♏, but now I've "become" a Virgo ♍ - so I think I'll take parts of both of those symbols. For Scorpio, I see both secretive and determined, and for Virgo, I see intuitive and analytical.
Are there any animals that do not fit you at all? No more than three. Alligator, Crane, & Lizard

Anything Else?

Please vote on all unstamped applications. Check here [✘] when you have finished before posting your application.
[Voters, the list of available stamps is here]
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