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Stamped Bird // Native American Animals


Name: Myst
Previously Stamped As: Bird (Regular), Short-eared Dog (Wild Dogs), Bagheera & Marie (Disney Cats), White Lion (Big Cats), Himalayan (Longhaired Cats), Griffin (Mythological I), Ox (Eastern Zodiac), Belgian Sheepdog (Herding Dogs), Northern Goshawk (NA Birds of Prey), Snowy Owl (Arctic Animals), English Springer Spaniel (Sporting Dogs), Woodpecker Family (Bird Families), Archaeopteryx (Dinosaurs), Owl & Falcon (Celtic), Barn Owl (Patronus)

Positive characteristics: intelligent, compassionate, witty, creative, determined, loyal
Negative characteristics: snarky, procrastinator, stubborn, emotional, sarcastic, temperamental
Neutral characteristics: assertive, outspoken
Would you like [ ] one or [X] two stamps?

This or That

Aggressive/Passive: In-between - I'm not aggressive, but I fight back.
Secretive/Bold: Secretive, but not shy.
Focused/Silly: In-between.
Friendly/Aloof: Reserved? I think aloof kind of projects a more 'go-away' vibe and I don't have that, but I'm a private person.
Famous/Unknown: Famous.
Leader/Follower: Second-in-command - which means that if I absolutely had to pick one or the other it'd be closer to leader?
Graceful/Clumsy: Graceful.
Land/Sea: Neither, actually - I prefer air, but between land and sea I think land.
Large/Medium/Small: Don't care.
Quick/Strong: Quick.
Mental/Emotional/Physical: Mental.
Bird/Insect/Mammal/Reptile/Fish/Don't Care: My first instinct is bird, but if you see anything else go for it!

About You

Check which groups of word fit you the best. No more than six please.
[ ] journey, messenger, travel
[ ] deception, trickery, secrets, mystery
[X] individuality, unique, crafty
[X] tenderness, peace, kindness
[ ] adaptive, resourceful, agile, tenacious
[X] growth, rebirth, maturity
[X] clear-sighted, memory, keen
[ ] origin, patriotism, tradition
[X] open-minded, sharing, generous
[ ] devotion, marriage, fealty
[ ] purity, beauty, brilliance
[ ] busy, work, balance, stability
[X] ethereal, guardian, knowledge
[ ] wealth, fertile, stubborn, courage
[ ] noble, royal, regal
[ ] luck, health, loyalty

What could you use right now? No more than five please
[ ] answers/news
[ ] calm/beauty
[ ] change
[ ] friendship/connection
[ ] guide/guardian
[ ] health/renewal
[ ] journey
[ ] knowledge/good memory
[X] luck
[ ] purpose
[ ] spiritual renewal
[X] stability
[ ] strength/fortitude
[ ] wealth


Would your animal be a guide or a symbol of your personality or something else? A symbol of my personality.
What is your strongest positive trait? Compassion.
What are your main goals in life? Why is this relevant - okay, I want to be able to pursue knowledge.
Optional: What is your birthdate (month and day only)? October 6.
Optional: What is your Western Zodiac symbol and which trait fits you best? Libra, and I suppose the classic 'sense of justice' that goes with it.
Are there any animals that do not fit you at all? No more than three.

Anything Else?

Please vote on all unstamped applications. Check here [X] when you have finished before posting your application.
[Voters, the list of available stamps is here]
Tags: [native american theme], theme: native american: crane, theme: native american: deer

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