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I got a lot of really great votes on this theme, but none of them quite resonated with me. I thought about why this might be so and came to the conclusion that when I submitted my application the first time, I hadn't quite thought my way through the theme properly. So I'd like to submit it again, this time with answers that better represent my perspective, and see what I get. Thanks for voting! (Oh, and the stamps I received the first time were for Goose and Butterfly.)

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Animal Stamps

Theme # 20 : Bird Families

I'm really excited for this theme - it took a bit of work, but I think it turned out neat. We've got three bird feeders right next to our living room window, and I've been having a blast identifying our various feathered visitors.

I tried to pick bird groups that people would be familiar with. Some are subcategories of the others - owls and vultures belong in the raptor group, but I thought that they're different enough. Crow and ravens are under the songbird group, which is itself under the perching birds group. I added the most general of habitats and areas of the world where each group can be found, as well as random words that describe them somewhat to help with the voting.
  1. Please vote on everyone that needs it. I do not want to give anyone a !do not vote tag :(
  2. You may post 2 themes at once.
  3. Please tag your application with !needs votes and [bird families theme].
  4. Check over the options below.
  5. Post!
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Animal Stamps

Update # 20

I have returned to my week-long sojourn in Colorado and am excited to get this community back into the swing of things!
  1. Please vote on everyone who needs it!
  2. Vote in the poll below.
  3. I'm putting the finishing touches on our next theme - bird families - so stick around for that sometime later today!
I used an online randomizer to create this poll. Vote for what you think our next couple of themes should be. Please don't vote for all of them :)

Poll #1712034 Theme Ideas

What should our next couple of themes be?

animated movie cats
deer types
non-sporting dog breeds
draft horses
whale types
small wild cats
European mammals
famous cats
tropical/exotic birds
Native American zodiac/symbolism
That's all for now!