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Animal Stamps

A Stamping Community for Animals

Animal Stamps: A Stamping Community for Animals
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stamping community for animals
Welcome to Animal Stamps!


1. Play nice. Or else.
2. Once you get stamped, stick around and continue voting on others; a stamping community runs on votes after all.
3. You do not have to be stamped in order to vote.
4. Put your survey behind an lj-cut. If you forget, you will be asked to fix it; no big deal.
5. If you feel that who you were stamped as absolutely does not fit you; you may apply for up to 2 re-stampings. Please explain why you feel the stamp does not fit and elaborate more on your answers.
6. Please feel free to ask the mod any questions.
7. Save your stamps to your own server (ie. Photobucket, etc.).
8. Have fun!

1. Fill out your application to the best of your ability.
2. Make sure that any pictures that you add are appropriate and modest.
3. You will be stamped when you have 5-8 votes.
4. To ensure that you have read and understood the rules, please insert your favorite animal sound in the subject line of your application.
5. Be creative!

1. Please bold your votes. This makes it easier to tally.
2. Give a short explanation for your vote. An essay is unnecessary (unless you feel like it). Applicants love hearing your reasoning for your vote.
3. I know life gets busy and you just want to vote on enough applications so that you can fill out your own app, but please avoid the sheep vote. At the very least, be familiar with the voting options and skim the application.


1. You may only apply for a theme when you have been stamped for a regular application.
2. You may vote on themes without being stamped.
3. You may always apply for a past theme.
4. When applying for a theme, please make your subject line something like this: Stamped as Wild Cat | | XXX Theme
5. As of right now, please only post one theme at at time.

March 2010 - Big Cats
March 2010 - Wild Dogs
April 2010 - Vertebrates
April 2010 - Animated Disney Dogs
May 2010 - Mythological Creatures I
May 2010 - Eastern Zodiac
June 2010 - Animated Disney Cats
June 2010 - Herding Dogs
July 2010 - Dinosaurs
August 2010 - Hybrid Animals
August 2010 - Longhair Cats
September 2010 - North American Birds of Prey
October 2010 - Hot-Blooded Horses
November 2010 - Animated Movie Dogs
December 2010 - Sporting Dogs
December 2010 - Santa's Reindeer
January 2011 - Arctic Animals
January 2011 - Patronus
February 2011 - Celtic Animal Symbolism
March 2011 - Bird Families
April 2011 - Native American Animal Symbolism

profile and community layout codes from tomorrow_brings.
mood theme from upsa_daisy.
your friendly mod wawwhite stamped as a horse.